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What a difference a couple of years can make. Only on page 10 of Vogue magazine and already five out of ten ads include Quick Response (QR) codes. It’s interesting to think that these QR codes have been around for more than a decade, but are just now increasing in popularity. Invented by Toyota in 1994, QR codes were strictly used for tracking and packaging automobile parts.

But now with millions going mobile everyday, advertisers are taking advantage of this new strategic marketing tool. Not only are the codes used for ticketing purposes, the latest trend is mobile couponing.

From high-end marketers like Bloomingdales to Maserati, it seems as though a variety of industries have delved into the craze. They’ve become wildly useful for realtors reaching potential home buyers with ease (see the one pager below that I developed for my client MoMark media). Even retailers like Clinique are featuring these codes in their magazine ads.

Now, if everyday were a Fryeday, I’d be browsing for the best deals around on my morning commute or during a lunch break. As a brand strategist, I know that companies must assign a specific and interesting call to action for the campaigns to be worth the time and money. And the question must be asked if QR codes are here to stay. As a consumer will I simply become too busy with the pace of everyday life to stay truly interested? It seems as though only time will tell.

As an avid traveler and Hollywood movie buff, one campaign in particular caught my eye: New York City’s Central Park QR Code Experience. Here, you can tour Central Park and at each QR Code destination, you’ll be linked to any TV shows and movie footage shot in that location. You’ll also get interesting facts about that exact location and be able to view photos all on your handheld device.

For more information on how their QR code campaign works check out this video.

MoMark media One Pager

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