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September 15, 2014


Infiniti Insurance Trust Program Helps Nonprofits Cut Their Tax Burdens in Half

BURTONSVILLE, MD – Nonprofits pay the state systems more than $2 in taxes for every $1 in claims. But did you know that the Federal Tax Code provides an opportunity for agencies to opt out of their state unemployment system? Instead, they can become reimbursing employers that only reimburse the state for the actual unemployment benefits paid to former employees. At Infiniti HR, we have created the Infiniti Insurance Trust as a stable, secure and cost-effective alternative to paying state unemployment taxes.

Our unique reimbursable unemployment trust program allows for the immediate reduction in unemployment costs, improved cash flow, aggressive claims administration and stop loss protection to all 501(c)3 organizations including nonprofits, charitable organizations and government and municipal agencies.

We know that every dollar spent lessens the amount of money available to invest in mission-related work. The Infiniti Insurance Trust creates an efficient platform to assure a successful and cost-efficient reimbursable unemployment trust program. The amounts paid into the Infiniti Insurance Trust are immediate balance sheet interest accruing assets and are returned to the agency in the form of potential refunds or upon any departure from the program.

Infiniti Insurance Trust works with 501(c)3?s to: provide trust oversight and management, administer membership services, coordinate partner services, assist with fiduciary responsibilities and coordinate marketing and community involvement.

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