Veterans 360, Board of Directors

Veterans 360 Announces Expansion and Additions to its San Diego Board of Directors and National Team

SAN DIEGO, CA – Andrew Vagley (USMC) will spearhead the Veterans 360 Program in Orange County, California. Tim Chambers, commonly referred to as the “saluting marine”, who has stood post at Rolling Thunder in Washington DC for the past 11 years, is joining the Veterans 360 team as national ambassador. In addition, the nonprofit initiative welcomes Naval Officer and wife of Navy SEAL Michelle Leslie and Jim Zoll, US Army and respected leader in the San Diego Educational Community, to the Veterans 360 board of directors.

“I stand post and salute all veterans and wish to do all that I can with the others at Veterans 360 to support their transition back into society. We must stand united with Veterans 360 to provide the support that recently-separated veterans need to ensure a successful transition to civilian life,” Tim Chambers said.

Veterans 360 is expanding the support program of engagement, education, employment and healing aimed to help veterans develop the professional and interpersonal skills needed to succeed in civilian life. Orange County is the first on the list, with other areas of California to follow.

This Veterans 360 Immersion program-the only one of its kind-will offer an all inclusive program of accommodation, transportation, educational courses and employer interaction. The program aims to empower our young veterans to start the next period of their lives, whether secondary education in a vocational environment, meaningful employment, or continued service with a sense of purpose.

If you want to sponsor a squad member or if you have an interest in setting up a Veterans 360 program near you, call the office at 949.933.5142. Click the link to learn more about our veteran services and how you can get involved.


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