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Step aside Facebook and Twitter, a new social media site has just stepped up to the plate. For those of you who haven’t heard, Pinterest is the newest way to connect to people via photos. It is basically an online bulletin board where you have the ability to “pin” photos to different categorized “pinboards”. From there, followers can comment and share pins through Facebook and Twitter.

It seems as though the company has found a niche and is here to stay. In January, more than 11 million visitors logged onto Pinterest and most spent more than an hour on the site. The concept is surely inspiring people to start projects or dream up new ideas. Personally, every time I log on, I take out my journal and write down a variety of home décor projects that I’d like to start.

Even businesses are starting to pick up on this new trend; using the site as an easy way to connect to their target audiences. What better way is there to sell your products then by having followers “pin” and “re-pin” pictures of them on the web. By creating these unique bonds and connecting with the people who have interest in your product, your business will surely grow. Many small business owners say it is the best way to connect, organize and share ideas. By combining social media with visual content, Pinterest has definitely caught my interest.

Here’s a couple of projects I’ve pinned:

Letter Photography Signs






Letter photography signs






Upcycled wine bottle hanging candles

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