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We don’t expect you to blindly trust our promises. Read the testimonials from people who have recognized the financial benefits from our communication, SEO, social media and marketing campaign implementation.

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“After hiring SF Consulting Services on a monthly basis, our organization has taken huge leaps to the next level in both external professional image and internal executive stature. With SF’s help, we were able to finally put that magazine touch on our marketing materials and then through the co-developed channels, we put this image on display to the external world and got immediately positive feedback in the form of increased sales, channel partners and happy customers. SF’s largest value add to our firm was the ability to extract information and potential from within our organization and turn it outward in a highly efficient manner. The consulting we have received has been on budget, on time and of a higher quality than we expected. I would recommend her services to anyone interested in bringing their business from where it is to where it could be.”

– Josh Notes, Co-Founder
– greeNEWit

“Sarah Frye is an amazing person to work with. Not only does she go above and beyond what’s asked of her; Sarah looks for problems and fixes them before they even happen!  Her ambition and infectious energy affects all those she comes into contact with.  The synergies across multiple business lines that she facilitates allow the sum of the total package to be greater than that of the individual parts!”

– Rupert Williams, Owner
– TroopZilla

“Sarah Frye – a truly creative public relations professional – she is undoubtedly my first choice for generating media attention and maintaining invaluable working relationships with both the public and private sectors.  A results-driven talent who delivers time after time – a joy to work with!”

– Shelley Wax, Executive Director
– Emerald Chariot Foundation

“Sarah is without a doubt one of the valuable members of our team.  She continues to redefine her position to include whatever needs to get done.  Each year she continues to help our company receive impressive accolades, creates valuable partnerships with community partners, generates compelling press releases and newsletters, and she spearheads all of work with non-profit organizations throughout the country.  Her professionalism and positive attitude make her a pleasure to work with, and I cannot imagine our company being successful without her. “

– Max Durovic, CEO
– AArrow Inc.

“Sarah Frye of SF Consulting Services offers personalized attention, business strategy and service. She uses her extensive network of experts to promote our company to the best of her ability. She has taken on a leadership role within our organization and has made real progress in media relations, community outreach and brand exposure. She comprehended our brand so quick, and we highly recommend this accomplished individual.”

– Jason Jannati, Co-Founder
– greeNEWit

“Sarah Frye at SF Consulting has been a huge part of getting my companies off the ground. Her knowledge and commitment to my success is unsurpassed. I couldn’t have done it without her.”

– Robert Graham, Owner
– MoMark media

“I highly recommend Sarah Frye. She’s a real pro who always goes the extra mile to help her clients meet their goals. I’ve enjoyed working with her in the past and look forward to everything she is going to bring to the table at SF Consulting Services.”

– Annie Lindstrom, Freelance Writer
– Former President Kitty Hawk Communications

“Sarah Frye is a dynamic personality who is efficient, organized and extremely creative. She has been a tremendous asset to our motion picture projects. “

– Rocky Lang, President
– Harbor Lights Productions Inc.

“Sarah Frye has been an integral player to our company’s success. Her community and media outreach has helped AArrow Advertising spread our message to millions around the world. Her extensive network and communication skills has led to features in big time publications, popular TV shows, national commercials and international prime time features. Her dedication to success combined with her ambition makes her an asset to any organization.”

– Mike Kenny, COO
– AArrow Inc.

“I have known Sarah for about five years. I had the pleasure of working with Sarah when I was the corporate relations manager at the San Diego Chamber of Commerce. Sarah is a constant professional. Sarah’s PR background is second to none. She is knowledgeable and extremely talented in her trade. She has always been well respected by her colleagues and fellow workers and everyone enjoys working with her. I would highly recommend Sarah for all public relation needs.”

– Tony Petruzzelli, Business Development Manager
– NCE Computer Group

“Sarah Frye’s enthusiasm for marketing and public relations is contagious! She will capture media attention and make you feel like a superstar!  She works very quickly and gets incredible results!”

– Danny Hewitt, Co-Founder
– Liberty Tax Service

“Just wanted to give credit where credit is due. Sarah Frye is a talented writer with a background in journalism. She does a great job in generating positive media coverage for a wide array of clients. Her media relations efforts and community outreach help target the key audiences that control the destiny of companies with whom she works.”

– Rebecca Coates Nee, Lecturer
– San Diego State University School of Journalism and Media Studies

“Sarah Frye has an enthusiasm that can’t be matched. Her drive to succeed combined with her knowledge of the communication and public relations field make her someone to look to and trust for up and coming communication trends.”

– Stephanie Lee, Assistant Director of Communications
– Children’s Museum of Seattle

“Sarah Frye’s award-winning ability and her relentless dedication to detail coupled with her commitment to excellence has far exceeded her counterpart during my thirty-five years of teaching experience in the field of marketing.  Any business would benefit from Sarah’s professional insights to help their business grow.”

– Edward Pregitzer, Teacher/Coordinator
– Marketing Management & Research Program Milford High School

“I have known Sarah Frye for more than ten years. During those ten years, Sarah has always impressed me with her ambition to do more and dedication to doing a job well. She is a very hard worker and follows through on all of her commitments. I can only imagine having a pleasant and productive experience utilizing Sarah’s consulting services.”

– Andrea Enders, Recruitment Account Relationship Specialist
–  The Cincinnati Enquirer

“Sarah Frye is the most hard working individual I have met. She will go above and beyond expectations and always with a smile on her face! She is very personable but above all loyal and dedicated to success.”

– Korie Faber, Criminalist
– California Department of Justice, Bureau of Forensic Services

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