What if every day were a Fryeday?

I often ponder the idea: “What if every day were a Fryeday?” I think about how things would be different. Would your attitude change? Would you be more positive? Would you be more driven? How would you spend your Fryedays?

For this blog I’ve adopted this idea. I’ll make new decisions, try new things and start things I’ve had on my to-do list. I’ll celebrate famous Fryedays and bring in some influential guest bloggers to weigh in on these ideas. And to bring us back to reality, I’ll provide tips to help get you through the week until Fryeday actually arrives.

Who doesn’t love Fryedays? It’s that carefree, upbeat day that comes in to sweep you off your feet. It’s the day of the week that feels most like summer, and the day I try to wrap up all my projects and responsibilities so I can try and take it easy and enjoy myself. Fryedays are no doubt important days at work and it’s important to stay focused. But it’s also important to rejuvenate and give your brain a rest so you can engage in full force the following week.

I’m glad you’re here. Thanks for stopping by. Now, it’s time to kick off my shoes, put my toes in the sand and start living as if this were the case.

Flip Flops on the Beach

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